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Bednalli Organic Spa Mitt Bark Brown

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BEDNALLI  I  Voluta Bednalli

Volutidae snail shells are often referred to as the “aristocrats” of the shell world, due to their striking patterns. The Voluta Bednalli, discovered in the 1800s in Darwin, Australia by William Tompson Bednall, is a rare species with an exceptionally elaborate pattern.

Our spa wash mitt collection is inspired by the bathing staple found in France and throughout Europe.

100% Organic Cotton
Low-Impact, Fiber-Reactive Dyes
Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 and GOTS Certified
Made in Portugal

The pattern is sculpted in terry velour on the front with a solid loop terry back.

Spa Wash Mitt 6x8" with loop for hanging

Bark Brown, White Sand

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