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A Transformative Philosophy in Fine Decor

A Transformative Philosophy in Fine Decor

~ Dynamic patterns in nature attune us with the essential energies of earth and sea ~

Nature’s intrinsic pattern, color, texture and form... expressed in fine linens to enrich the ritual of rest, balancing mind, body and spirit through the senses. As we take inspiration and well-being from this abundant resource, we give back by honoring Mother Earth in our use of eco-friendly processes. 

Rooted in ancient spiritual and cultural philosophies, Affina's intrinsically elegant universal motifs resonate with soothing harmony, returning us to ourselves renewed.

Customizable to a hotel or spa’s natural surroundings, Affina offers a new avenue for resorts and spas to synergistically reinforce their core beliefs, differentiate themselves through their unique environment and add value to their guest's experience.