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Ventalina Architectural Glass

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VENTALINA  I  Gorgonia Ventalina

Gorgonia Ventalina, or the common sea fan, is a species of coral with a branching, fan-shaped skeleton that grows in colonies. The elaborately textured fans in brilliant hues wave gracefully underwater, as the ocean’s vibrant surprise.

Custom made in the USA for Affina by Skyline Design to project specifications.
For contract installation only. 

Tempered safety glass available in Clear, or low-iron PPG
Starphire® (PPG Starphire® is recommended with option 1)
Made in USA

Available one or two sided
Option 1: Texture, with custom translucent color, gloss or matte finish
Option 2: Texture, clear with gloss or matte finish
Option 3: Eco-etch®, clear 

Standard Sizes up to 72” x 144”
Thickness: 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”, 3/4”

Eco-etch® is a registered trademark of Skyline Designs


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